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19 July 2015

MX Press in London updated me. Their massive, hardcover, two-volume anthology, New Stories of Sherlock Holmes – in which I have a story (A MISTRESS MISSING) is now scheduled for September publication. On which the publisher writes – We managed to secure an exclusive from the Radio Times (one of the UK’s leading entertainment magazines). Info here.
It is believed that this anthology with over 60 stories (many by well-known pastich authors) may receive a Guiness listing.

Further update on this anthology 9/8/15.
This anthology has now gone into three hardcover volumes to cover all stories. Wow. And it’s getting attention fronm the UK site run by Derrick Belanger who has the I hear Of Sherlock Everywhere. He is currently doing short interbiews with most authors in the anthology. Those for the first volume can be found here.
Those for V2 here.

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