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9 August 2015

I’m currently bouncing happily about my farmlet. Yes, Wildside emailed to say that they liked my latest submission and SHERLOCK HOLMES; POISONOUS PEOPLE is herewith given a home. It’s another of the two books per single volume, with the separate titles being The Dreadful Diary, and A Poisoning at the Publisher.
I note in regard to my other work in this area that the first book Wildside did, SHERLOCK HOLMES:REPEAT BUSINESS, my collection of 14 new Holmes/Watson stories, published in January 2014, continues to sell solidly too, while the second, SHELOCK HOLMES:BEASTLY MYSTERIES is following suit. Nice to be wanted.
Meanwhile the UK Sherlock anthology from MX Books in London is proceeding well. Interviews, newspaper articles, and while it was originally intended to be a single large paperback, it has slowly metamorphosed into a three volume hardcover. Profits from it go towards the restoration of Undershaw, ACD’s old home. When it comes out – buy the book, and you’ll not only have some 60 great Holmes/Watson stories, you’ll help save a wonderful old place.

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