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9 August 2015

First lamb of the year arrived Wednesday July 15th when Mopsy had a nice little, mostly-black, ewe lamb. Swiftly followed by back and white twins from Princess, another single (ditto) from Rachel, mostly black twins from Ellie-Mae and another two black and white singles from my remaining ewes. The hills are currently alive with the sound of shrieking lambs – something I prefer to Julie Andrews. Not that I don’t like her voice and the songs, just that lambs are more profitable – and mostly more fun to watch.
(Why are they shrieking? Because they tend to nap, mum wanders off following a trail of the jucier grass clumps, lamb wakes, no mum. Shriek! But if that continues too long then I pay attention. Now and again some small woolly idiot has got through the fence and can’t remember how they did that. They have to be chased down and returned. NOT easy when your best pace is a moderate walk.)

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