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23 September 2015

As always, I never quite know how I get into things. But sooner or later I wake up and find I’m kneedeep in something I hadn’t planned, it just happened. That’s how I’m writing Sherlock Holmes books. Quite some time ago a couple of eminent Sherlockians that were friends of a friend mentioned an idea. As is not uncommon for me, my sub-conscious promptly took over and willy nilly, I found I was writing a collection of 14 new Sherlock and Watson short stories (based like concrete on the ‘original canon” because that’s what I like.) I wrote them mostly for fun, but through fortunate circumstances, they sold to a publisher, and appeared as Sherlock Holmes: Repeat Business at the start of 2014. Somehow since then I’ve continued to have ideas, and a second book, Sherlock Holmes:Beastly Mysteries came out last April, while a third book, Sherlock Holmes: Poisonous People was accepted a couple of months ago. And then a short story seized me. After which I had another idea based on that story and… I have no idea where all this is going, I’m just along for the ride, but whenever, or if ever, it ends, it’s been a great trip and I’m loving every minute. That’s the advantage of simply following your nose, you end up in such interesting places.

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