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29 November 2015

Not that this makes a lot of difference to a farmer/author. Both occupations can take place any time over 24/7 and don’t care if it’s Christmas, Mid-year, my birthday, Easter, or a zombie apocalypse. In fact what it really means is that I’m busier than ever because Christmas events are added in. Right now it’s about time to shear the sheep, I’m doing revision for the latest completed book, due to go Xmas shopping with a friend late this week, have a Xmas party the week after, am still getting out cards and Xmas letters and any minute now all the hens will go off the lay and start moulting. They usually do that just at the time I want them to lay lots of eggs to use over Xmas/New Year. Oh, well. At least I managed to buy a suitable-sized turkey, that atones for a lot of work. With which sentiment Thunder is in full agreement. He too likes turkey. (Although he’d like it often, not just over xmas…)

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