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2 March 2016

I found a recent item in our newspaper very interesting, if somewhat annoying. Yet another city boy saying something that indicates he doesn’t know his ass from his elbow. In this case a champion boxer named Manny Pacquiao. He’s just been dropped from NIKE for offending the GLBT community. He said, and I quote from the paper. “do you see animals mating with the same sex?” He then went on to say that the GLBT community were worse than animals because animals can tell male from female. Sigh. I can only assume that a) Mr Pacquiao is religious, b) that he is a city boy, and c) that he knows nothing at all about the animal kingdom where animals DO frequently mate with the same sex.
Look, I’ve farmed for a mere 28 years. I know people that’ve been farmers their entire lives and are now in their eighties. We all agree that it’s common for farm animals to mate with their own sex. Personally I’ve seen cows and sheep doing that. There have been documented cases of albatrosses and penguins doing it. (Sounds like that Cliff Richards song.) But the fact is, that no matter how many religious city folk say that animals don’t mate with the same sex, therefore the GLBT community are all ‘unnatural’, the more I wonder, what don’t they understand about the information that the birds and beasts DO regularly mate with the same sex! Religiously, doing so may be wrong, but it is NOT ‘unnatural.’
(And for anyone that wonders about my own stance. No, I’m not gay, but I have long-time gay friends, a recent book was dedicated to one, and no, I believe that it is neither unnatural nor wrong either.)
So please, next time someone out there wants to claim that the GLBT community are “unnatural” because animals don’t do that, find some other comparison, because as any farmer could tell you, they darn well DO!

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