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11 May 2016

or so all the forecasts say, and I think they may be right. I’m merely grateful if that’s so, less firewood used, less expense as a result, and my wrecked leg may have less to say. The prolonged autumn has also left me with happier hens, they’ve only recently stopped laying and started to shed feathers all over, and the local mice haven’t yet begun to sneak in out of the cold. Of course, the lack of them annoys Thunder (my 18lb Ocicat) but you can’t have everything. (Although given half a chance, he tries.) And to keep him thinking of something other than food, we had an earthquake a few days back. a 4 point something. Small bump, followed by a larger one. THAT got his mind fof mice – and mine (temporarily) off writing. But only briefly. Then he went back to check his plate, and I got on with my newest Holmes book. Earthquakes here are just an accepted blip in life.

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