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12 September 2016

Our local paper tends to use these in the Saturday Supplement, and over the last few months quite a few more have appeared. I cover recycling and consumer suggestions, and now and again something more general. But the last ones have been – COOLING CATS AND DOGS IN THE HOT WEATHER, A FEW NEW USES FOR YOUR EVERYDAY SPOON, MUCH TO DO WITH THOSE GIANT PUMPKINS, A NEW PURPOSE FOR OLD DRINKING STRAWS, WHAT NOT TO FEED PETS, SUGAR; MORE THAN JUST A SWEETENER, and BRIGHT IDEAS FOR RUBBER BANDS. Often the themes are based on something I do, or have been asked about, and on that basis I don’t think I’ll run out of ideas any time soon.

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  1. Well you do have things to keep you amused. I have just blown up a fictional ICE lab. I believe the chemicals used are highly unstable. Too much sugar can be a bad thing and yet salt and sugar are everywhere in supermarkets in Oz.

    Comment by Rod Marsden — 12 September 2016 @ 16:59

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