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21 June 2017

So my old computer began to die slowly. It’s a Comnpaq Presario and after only 6 years I’m not at all happy about that. If I pay what I did for that as a fridge or stove, I’d expect it to last 10-15 years, NOT SIX!
I get a new computer, an Acer, and after almost two months, NO ONE appears able to get it connected on-line. It has now been to THREE technical firms, the final one swore to me that they’d done it and it was now on-line, and guess what? It isn’t!!!
So, reluctently and with rage, I’m having to go from dail-up wbhich suited me fine, to broadband – which I didn’t want – and hope that will fix the problem, not that I’m holding my breath on that either. But what is it with computer companies. can’t they produce a computer that actually works off the shelf the way it should. Why am I buying the nmechine then havving to spend weeks and dollars to get it working? If that happened with almost any other technology there’s be a massive outcry, so why do we accept it with computers? And all I can say is, that’s two more brands I’m crossing off my list to ever buy again.

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  1. I am surprised at how long you expect a fridge to last. Most modern fridges are guaranteed for no more than two years. After that good luck to you. I haven’t had anything to do with the type of computer that only lasted six years but the top of the line here has a guarantee of only five years. 10 to 15 years is of course ideal. I have broadband which was pretty much forced on me too. Harvey Norman here, for a fee, will get you set up will a new computer you bought off them. It is then up to them to satisfy the customer that it works and does everything it should do.

    Comment by Rodney Marsden — 21 June 2017 @ 14:04

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