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29 November 2011

And what I wonder is if some of them think at all. In Toronto Canada some schools have the kilt as school uniform for girls. Apparently many of the girls hitch their kilts up well above the knee contravening school policy and public decency. So the school board authorities (covering a number of schools in their district) are considering banning the kilt. Huh?
What do they plan to replace it with? Tunics and dresses can just as easily be hitched up. If they are thinking of putting the girls into trousers there’ll then be the option of wearing them as low-riders, or so tight they appear painted onto adolescent buttocks.
What they need is not a change in uniform, but school reinforcement of the already-in-place rules on skirt length. And get the parents onside with that. A girl should know that if the school punishes her for disobeying the rules, her parent/s will do the same. But in the end let’s have some common sense about this. The authorities may also have to realise, that short of a guard allocated to each girl so long as she is in school uniform, some laws are impossible to police everywhere at all times. Girls will be girls. I know – I was one.

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