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22 January 2012

A week that was pleasant enough for this writer. One story rejected – it appeared to be more a case of they didn’t like my style (because they liked the story) but it was clear that if I rewrote the work and returned it they’d have wanted it nearly halved, and written in a leaner, more basic format, which was exactly what I hadn’t wanted to write. Not that I’m bothered. A story of this type can take a dozen submissions before I find an editor who likes the work as it is. But, as I’ve said to new writers who protest this sort of rejection, “he who pays the piper calls the tune.” Your solution is to sell it elsewhere, not to sit around whining about it.
To balance that I had two acceptances on first submission. One for a Valentine’s anthology next year and another for a mystery anthology also for 2013. The editor loved both works. Now that’s the sort of response I really enjoy.

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