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10 February 2012

Hardcover, published march 2011, Ace. 6th in the Mercy Thompson series.
This book came courtesy of a competition. No, it wasn’t the prize, but I did the competition, received a $100 as one of the winners, and promptly used the cash to buy a couple of yearned-for hardbacks. I love serendipity.
Again this book is a good solid piece of work AND what is more, despite Mercy having married Adam, there’s no resultant sag in the story. That’s something I often notice in a series – Tv or book. That once a couple of main characters marry, things go south so far as interaction is concerned. The author just can’t resist making the story much more about their relationship, and a lot less about the events to which they should be paying attention. I don’t read SF/F for romance, I read it for action, sure romance can be part of that, but it shouldn’t be the majority and over-intrusive.
Here the author isn’t making that mistake. Mercy and Adam are on honeymoon in a very-retro caravan borrowed from ‘Uncle Mike.’ Adam has access to a new campground that isn’t open yet, they go there, park near the river, and Mercy finds an utterly terrified and injured man in a small boat. They rescue him, and things get really hectic from there on.
During the course of which events Mercy finds out about her birth father, interacts with other ‘walkers’, and Adam accepts that she can’t always be protected from things she has to do.
I’ve loved this series from the beginning. In fact I like all this author’s work, some books more than others, but all are good. It seems that she may have been busy elsewhere last year because instead of a new book out this year, the next won’t appear until 2013 – and when it does, I’ll be waiting. Series recommended.

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