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10 April 2012

Moan! In some ways,  finally getting all my professional writing sorted into categories – Books, Stories, Articles and Poems-  listed chronologically on files and uploaded to my website is going to be a horrendous amount of work. I’ll be doing some of it but the majority, about three-quarters, will be done by a friend. (Thank heaven for friends…) But a start has been made which (if I manage it) will be uploaded next. This portion adds stories that have appeared in anthologies since 2009 and up to date. It doesn’t include stories that have appeared in magazines or elsewhere. I have ‘author copies’ of anthologies shelved seperately so we were able to do those quickly and easily last week.

The next step – sorting out other stories since 2009, putting them in chronological order, and then typing them into the file – is going to take far far longer, because those ones are mixed in with all the other things that contain articles and poems. And, while I rarely sold anything to plain websites that produce nothing in hard copy, I have here and there, and now must double check my own scattered records to make sure that those writings too are included so far as possible. It occurred to me again yesterday as I typed the stories from anthologies up to date, that over the next few months I am going to spend a lot of time wishing I’d done it as I went along. Sigh. Be warned, if you’re a writer – keep your records up to date. The cost of not doing that is steep, in time, money – and irritated regrets.




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