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28 April 2012

Certain events suggested that it was time I should double check the original catalogue of my short work, and then bring the three sections (stories, articles, and poems) up to date. A friend and I began a couple of weeks ago with updating short story sales to anthologies and I got that posted. I now have almost all of the poems sorted to one side and listed, but somewhere in the stack of magazines I’m fairly certain that there’s at least two more poems as yet unlisted so I’m holding off on posting that list until I have this last couple found and added.

The short work has been sorted by category – articles, stories. And we are now sorting the stories by year. Once that’s done we’ll compare them year by year to the list I already have, adding missing publications in where required. In many ways it’s an interesting exercise. I keep seeing magazines I sold to for one issue and on up to five or even ten years but which then folded and I wonder what happened to their editors? Many were fun magazines with good editors. In the in-it-for-love Small Press area, there usually comes a time when the owner/editor has no more time or money, and that’s it. But I remember them fondly and wish some of them were still around. Plot Magazine, Freezer Burn, The Iguana Informer, Fagan, Masque Noir, Prohibited Matter, Scherazhade, and the Artemis Press anthologies, thank you for the opportunities you offered. You’re remembered.

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