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9 July 2012

And no, it isn’t, but I have a lamb all the same. It may be that the friend’s ram I used (Basil) was a bit lazy this year and didn’t get on with it until later than usual. Because the first lamb that normally gets here in May, arrived this week. In fact it was originally two lambs that arrived, twins, one strong and healthy, one smaller and weaker. And as they arrived in the early hours of what has to have been the wettest night of the year to date, the smaller one didn’t make it. But mum and junior are now doing fine. They’re in sheltered accommodation to make sure, and, as I’m due to move the flock to a different paddock later this week they can rejoin the others then. I’ll keep an eye on junior however, this is not a great time of the year to be a new lamb.

(And if one of my hens has anything to do with it, I’ll be also getting new chicks for it not to be a great time of year for too. I’ve explained, complained, and demanded that she abstain – to no avail. However I’m just as obstinate as she is, and she can’t hatch what she doesn’t have. She’s still sitting grimly, but now on a single plastic egg. She won’t get far with that, and I won’t have the problem. There’s more than one way to handle a determined hen…)

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