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9 July 2012

It occurred to me while tearing from home to Auckland to Melbourne and back home again recently, how much we now take travel for granted. I was driven to Palmerston North, a trip that took us an hour by car. By horseback it would have taken my ancestors several days. I flew to Auckland, also in an hour, something that would have taken weeks on horseback, or days by ship. And the flight to Melbourne was several hours, something that would have taken a week or more by ship originally. And that’s when it also occurred to me how lucky I am to live in these days when I can do this. To visit the countries I’ve visited, attend the conventions I’ve attended, and catch up with the overseas friends that I have and have many of them visit me. Yes, there are downsides to modern life, and most of us grumble at some of the inconveniences of modern travel. But it’s all a heck of a lot better than riding for a month to get to Auckland…

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