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31 July 2012

and yes, it certainly is here. We’ve had several heavy downpours over July, but also a steady trickle of showers and drizzle.  The average for a July is around 90-120mls. A wet July may yield 164/5 as it did last year (and in 2000.) However this year July isn’t quite over and this morning my rain gauge passed 225mls. It’s fortunate that my small farm is sited on a plateau at some 1400ft. Otherwise I’d be eyeing my hen house with an eye to knocking that down and building an ark. For those on lower levels, and  if they’re getting similar rainfall, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if some don’t already have that building programme in place. All I can say, is that 1400ft or not, my sheep are starting to look distinctly waterlogged.

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