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26 August 2012

If I had any doubt of that it was resolved two days back when I went to count spare fence posts – a friend is collecting a number from my stack of them to build a shed – and I wanted to see how many I’d have remaining once she had all she needed. From behind the posts a great commotion arose. Flapping, screams, shrieks, and more flapping. Senior goose then emerged, feathers fluffed up, beak open as she continued to shriek. The ganders, Stroppy and Sonny came racing down the lawn. I spoke firmly and some of the excitement died down. Oh, it’s her. “Her” investigated, to discover that the gaggle have started nesting. Four eggs to date and more to come. They very rarely manage to hatch anything, but I’ll let the girls sit on maybe three eggs each to see if we get goslings. I’ll be surprised if we do, but I can find homes for them if goslings are achieved, and a few more burglar alarms in the area won’t be a bad thing either. So I await events and will report at the start of October when either we’ll have goslings – or some very addled eggs.

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