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19 October 2012

And the gales have been back much of the week, it’s a real pain listening to the wind screaming in the trees and worrying if it’ll become too much for one of them which may then fall on the house. It’s why whenever the wind level gets too high, I let the fire go out. I’d rather be cold for a while, than have the house on fire. Actually, since the winds have been arriving in the afternoons it could be worse. I lit the fire both Wednesday and Thursday mornings at 7am and by 10am it was 24 degrees inside, and stayed that way all day even when I let the fire die around 2-3pm when the gales started again. Now all I have to do is hope that the ordered firewood arrives before the last lot runs out, that nothing blows down especially not on me – or the power/phone lines – and that the gales stop very soon because I’m heartily sick of them! (Phone call last night, firewood arriving today – it has. To the fury of the gaggle who consider that people dropping things on their lawn are up to no good!)


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