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26 October 2012

That has to be one of the happiest headlines a writer can type (apart, of course, from such titles as “Book is NYT Best Seller”, or “book’s sales pass a million.”) But as both are unlikely to ever apply to me, I’ll settle for Sold a Book! Yes, I was offered contracts for my standalone Young Adult book, FLYING FREE , and signed them the other day. It’s been accepted by Sky Warrior Books in the USA, and I’m delighted. It’ll be out next year in POD and DL, and I look forward to its appearance. So far this year things look likely to be in threes. Three books out this year – WHERE THERE’S SMOKE:The Fire That Changed the Law, AUTUMN OF THE WILD PONY, and QUEEN OF IRON YEARS. And, demonstrating how I get about, each is from a different publisher, in a different genre, and out in a different country. I’ve also written three new books, and so far, sold two. One more and I can claim to be very well balanced…

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