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30 November 2012

yesterday I posted several items on my blog, this morning I clicked on it to check something and discovered that in less than 24 hours I’d received another 50+, and I wonder why on earth these idiots keep bothering. Apart from anything else, I have no interest in buying camping gear (I’m crippled) fake Louis Vuitton handbags, (a fashion icon I am not) American vaporisers, (isn’t that something you use for asthma and I don’t have asthma) 49 kinds of cosmetics (I don’t use them either) and a weird and wonderful assortment of other merchandise,  most of which I wouldn’t want if it was free, let alone at the prices they’re probably demanding.

Nor are these offers at the first time of asking. Most are something I’ve seen over and over and why – if I didn’t want them the first time – would the idiots trying to sell them, assume that I’d want them the 27th time either? Let alone trying to persuade me by praising my blog, claiming that they have clicked on the wrong item and could I I come back to them to correct that (oh, please…) or offering ways in which I could make my blog noticeable throughout the blogosphere, improve it tremendously, and – and you’re wasting your time with those too, my site is run by a friend who does all that sort of thing. me – like Schultz – I know nothink. So to everyone who’d like to sell me ugg boots, fake fashion items, and all the other stuff you’re offering in which I have no interest – and if I did I’m perfectly capable of looking it up at source and buying it anyhow – I know you aren’t listening, I know you won’t stop, but let it be known that on a matter of principle,  I won’t ever buy anything I see offered by spam on my site. And to those of you out there who read my blog, I suggest that you make the same decision. because maybe if enough of us did that, spam would no longer be worth it and it’d stop – and isn’t that a pleasant thought on which to sign off for the day!













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