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18 December 2012

There’s been a fair amount of natter recently about the world ending on December 21 according to The Mayan Prophecy. Reading some of the stuff about it I gather that it’s unlikely; that this wasn’t actually a prophecy, that it’s more likely they just did the long cycle and left it at that because to them it was a heck of a long way into the future and someone could get around to doing the next cycle in a few hundred years and that the current Mayans aren’t anticipating any such thing. Ignoring the whole ‘world ending on the 21st thing,’ my question isn’t so much ‘is it going to’ as ‘when is it going to?’

I mean, they just said the current long cycle ends on the 21st. And that’s fine for them. Presumably – if they were noting the end of the world – they knew when the event activated. I happen to live on the other side of the world, we’re currently in daylight-savings time, and we’re hours ahead of South America even before that. So when exactly should I be outside staring up at the sky and watching for – well, whatever is going to happen. Knowing that any question like this will have not only been asked before, it will also have come up on several hundred internet sites, I googled “Mayan Prophecy” and “New Zealand.” Guess what? I was wrong, there were five thousand plus and I wasn’t about to check out that number.

I considered and added to that “actual time” which dropped the listings to about 250+, and I discovered that, yes, my question had been anticipated. So far as I can ascertain from a world clock calculator, 6pm on December 22nd will see us uplifted or struck down. I only hope that whatever happens is uplifting rather than an end of the world disaster – otherwise I’m going to miss Antiques Roadshow at 7.30, the book I’ve been saving for Christmas Day, the roast turkey ditto, and Thunder my Ocicat is going to be seriously displeased. He doesn’t like disasters unless he’s caused them. And in view of the fact that every cat I know feels that way, I suspect there won’t be a disaster, because the combined disapproval of every cat in the world is going to prevent it! Which is excellent because I plan to write three books over 2013, and that too is something I wouldn’t want to miss.


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