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19 December 2012

My rural delivery people, Cath and Denis, are wonderful. They deliver mail, groceries, hen food, odd items from Mitre 10, and never fail to deliver me a Christmas card personally from them to me. But the best thing is that they aren’t bothered by my gaggle. I have five geese, that is, three girls, plus Stroppy the gander and his 2IC, Sonny. Any mail delivery to the mailbox is announced with screams from the geese, if the mail car needs to come up the lawn then it’s surrounded by the gaggle as soon as it clears the gateway, all of them giving an excellent impression of the Apache after a wagon train. Sometimes when carrying a box down the lawn instead, Denis has had to dodge smartly, (my gander is an expert at ambushes.) But does my rural delivery ever falter or fail? Not on your life. I live alone on an isolated farm and they’ve been my mainstay for years and all I can say, is long may they continue to do their job and the huge amount over and above that they’ve always done as well. Because I don’t think our area will ever get anyone better.


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