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19 January 2013

A nice new anthology arrived from America over New Year, containing two of my Sherlock Holmes tales, The Fury and The Button-Box. Several years ago inspired by an idea I sat down and wrote 14 new SH stories… and then couldn’t find a publisher who wanted a short story collection. I kept being told that there was no market for short story collections. On the other hand since each story stands alone I finally decided to start selling them separately, and that’s two down, twelve to go. It’s a nice anthology too, cover is very well-done as fifties pulp, and (as I’d expect from Gary Lovisi of Gryphon Books) the editing is excellent. It’s out from Wildside Press and anyone who likes Sherlock Holmes stories should take a look. It’s also been reviewed on this site by a friend who borrows most of my ‘author copy’ anthologies, but repays that by often reviewing them.


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