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26 January 2013

I got a number of droppers-in over the Xmas/New year break, the one that delighted me the most was my younger sister, Chris, who was able to come down from where she lives in Auckland and spend three days. That didn’t only make my month, it also left Thunder ecstatic. He scurried after her through the house, and when she parked herself on the double bed in the extension to chat to me, he hurled himself full-length beside her and beamed up. They fell in love at first sight and he spent the remainder of her visit glued happily to someone who’d pat, stroke, and cuddle on demand. It’s the very first time she’s been able to get down to the farm and it was very pleasant to be able to show her over my place and the village. But I think I got the better deal. Chris, never one to twiddle her thumbs, made the most of her time in the cat park enjoying the sunshine, by also weeding heck out of the place. She had to leave after that and over the next two days Thunder kept going back to the extension where she’d stayed, peering through the glass door and asking me, in his small rusty squawk, if I was sure she’d really gone? It seems that he too enjoyed her visit and would like her to return soon. Chris, take note.



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