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18 February 2013

The weather is hot, has been hot, and looks as if it may continue to be hot for weeks to come – with very little rain so a drought may be getting  closer than I like as a farmer, although we have ample grass as yet. And on the flip side of that I feel bad-tempered too. My website is refusing to play. I logged on the other day and got – a blank solid-green rectangle. NOT helpful. I tried coming at it from other angles. to get – a blank solid-green rectangle. I waited a day in case Word Press were upgrading something and tried again, to get – a blank solid-green rectangle. I googled Word Press for a help desk, got one – and was asked for $70 to fix a problem that they appear to be causing. Not Pygmalian likely! I came back to check this morning. What do I currently have – a blank solid-green rectangle. It does look as if I may be able to post items, I just can’t then look at them on my site. Irritatingly, it seems that others can look at the site. It just doesn’t like me. This may sort itself out, or be sorted, sometime. But for now it means that I can’t see what I put up, and it’s deeply annoying. I hope Word Press get their act together sometime SOON!

update is that now  I can google my url and get in to look at the site. However if logged in and I want to look at something just posted, I STILL get that so-an-so blank solid-green rectangle. Mutter…mutter…mutter…snarl!

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  1. I don’t think it’s a problem with the WordPress installation itself, because I can see your website and login to it as either admin or you. It’s almost impossible for me to solve this problem without using your computer to see what might be different there. It’s possible, though unlikely, that this is related to the slow speed of your dial-up Internet service. More likely to be something to do with your Web browser. I’ll keep trying to find something out and fix it.

    –Jean, website admin

    Comment by lyn — 19 February 2013 @ 09:18

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