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26 February 2013

It occurred to me to wonder, as I posted another letter to Thunder’s original family, how many people stay in contact with their cat’s previous people? Where possible, I do. I know that they probably loved him and hope he went to a home where he’d be cared for, loved, and looked after. But if the cat vanishes into limbo and is never heard about, don’t they wonder if that’s so? In Thunder’s case there’s no doubt whatsoever that he is cared for, loved, and looked after because every couple of months I write his breeders to tell them about him and other events. And where Thunder appears in one of thebooks that I write, I send them a copy when that is published as well.

So far he’s featured in Rural Daze and (K)nights (2009) Field Daze (2011) and the next in the series, Rustic (And Rusted) Daze is just out and a copy goes this week. And this year they’ll also get a bonus (if they see it that way) since an American Press accepted the collection of my SF/F cat stories for publication in 2013 and, as Thunder features in several of the stories as himself or in other guises, I’ll send a copy of that as well when it is published. It’s a considerable departure from the Daze books which are non-fiction humour about my animals, my farm, me, and my friends. But I hope they’ll enjoy Thunder in fiction for a change. He certainly helped with some of it and it’s pleasant that I can pass it on. Having cats can produce quite odd outcomes for their breeder at times.

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  1. That is tremendously thoughtful of you. How wonderful. I have some cute figurines I made out of fimo/sculpy. If I send them to you praps you could write them into your stories…. no? … Well I thought I’d try. I’d do almost anything to get a free book. I’m such a cheapskate.

    Comment by Glenn Hibburt — 25 March 2016 @ 21:59

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